Thoughts for the Christmas period ahead

This Christmas I want to encourage everyone to make a conscious choice about the gifts they buy.

 “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

- Robert Swan.

I'm totally guilty of wanting to spoil my kids and my nieces and nephews at Christmas. I absolutely LOVE giving presents and I try and put a lot of thought into what I buy to ensure they love their present. There is so much choice out there and it's easy to buy what is the cheapest, brightest, and what has the most alluring packaging. BUT...

Consider this for every present you buy

- Where is the product made?

- WHY is it so cheap? 

- What is it made from?

- Will it last?

- Has it been sustainably produced?

Guess what? A product that is made in Australia, is sustainably produced, is made from a strong and long lasting material WILL be more expensive.

That's the truth. 

And yep I know a lot of people are struggling with the cost of living at the moment, mortgages are increasing from insane to completely unaffordable (especially in Sydney). So this Christmas, let's make a conscious choice. Instead of lots of cheap little presents, buy an Australian made, strong, long lasting, sustainably produced present. You will be helping other Australians running small businesses who are also struggling with the cost of living. By avoiding plastic you will be taking rubbish OUT of landfill and (I know it sounds cheesy) saving the planet. You are also helping out us exhausted parents with small children; by giving our child something that will LAST, that we wont have to throw away in a few months when it inevitably breaks, fades or just loses it's appeal.

Oh and by the way, our products are made from reclaimed timber. I literally spend hours going through skip bins on construction sites and picking up furniture thrown out for council cleanups because I am passionate about taking material out of landfill and giving it a new life. And don't think this timber is bad or damaged, by the time I'm finished with it, it's basically brand new. Our products are also strong and will last a lifetime. 

See below which shows timber I retrieved from a skip bin on a construction site earlier this year. From this timber I created these twelve cute animal key chains, an awesome accessory for any bag! Available to order here

Thoughts for the Christmas period ahead
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