Eco Bins! - Make sorting your waste the best, brightest and EASIEST thing ever

Friday 31st March 2023
This week's sustainable brand shout out goes to Eco Bins. This is another great Australian company whose mission is to improve waste separation in the home and workplace. You probably separate waste at home but what about your workplace or in the classroom? If you can identify an area where recycling could improve then it's up to YOU to do something about it!

This company has a range of awesome looking bins (no seriously) that will make you WANT to separate your waste.

For me personally I love the "Home Office Bundle" ($65) which comes with the following bins:
- Landfill
- Mixed Recycling
- Soft Plastics
- Batteries
Eco Bins also have some great recycling tips and tricks on their socials. So give them a like and support this awesome company. Check out their fantastic range of products online at
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