Have you heard about Goodonyou.eco?

Tuesday 14th March 2023
I am SO excited for this week's sustainable brand shout out!
I might be late to the party but I've just discovered this website Goodonyou.eco
It was founded in AUSTRALIA (go us!) and it rates fashion brands according to their impact on people, animals and the planet.
It provides us with the ability to choose clothing from companies who are making an effort to be sustainable and ethical. It also shines a light on companies who are not making any effort to improve their manufacturing.
You can search by country and then filter brand, type of clothing and price. It's a great way to discover new brands and unique clothing pieces.
They also have an app so it's convenient too.
You probably wont be surprised by the brands ranking badly. Some examples are Kmart, Peter Alexander, Jeans West, Cotton On, Myer...the list goes on.
This website has made me conscious of what I'm buying, I used to think "How can that cute dinosaur t-shirt at Kmart only be $3? Oh well, I'll just get it, I don't have time to find something else." We all need to do better though because someone, somewhere is paying the price of fast fashion.
And if you can't afford to buy sustainably? (thanks inflation) Try shopping second hand, as while it saves you money, reusing is also better than buying new. There's some great deals on Facebook marketplace, often people will sell a whole bundle of kids stuff in a particular size and there will be some really nice expensive pieces in there. Or try the second hand shops like Vinnies, Salvos and your local ones. Borrow from friends, or put your sewing skills to use and alter an existing item!
"As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy"
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