Ditch your single use paper towel and serviettes with "Branches of me" products

Tuesday 22nd August 2023

This week's sustainable brand shout out goes to Branches of me. branchesofme.com.au

This is a female owner Central Coast based business who creates beautiful items to substitute common single use items like paper towel. I ordered cloth non-paper towels (pictured below) and cloth napkins. I'm so excited to start my no paper towel and serviette journey! The "non paper towel" comes with a cardboard roll like normal paper towel does and it fits easily onto the roll holder as pictured. It's also held together with simple snap buttons so it's similar to a roll of normal paper towel but you just chuck them in your washing basket when done and they can be re used!

 A roll of 7 "Non paper towel" cloths are currently on sale for $36 normally $42

I also purchased these "non paper towel without the snaps" to be used as substitute serviettes.

substitute serviettes

These are only $5 each and there are heaps of designs to choose from!

So what are you waiting for? Ditch the single use items today!

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