Defy Design - Defy landfill with these recycled plastic products


defy design

Defy Design

Defy Design is a Sydney based company that specialises in designing and manufacturing products made from plastic destined for landfill.

Defy Design create a number of recycled plastic products but the one I particularly love is their Calm Buddi Turtle. Like everyone I go through periods of troublesome anxiety and I recently purchased the Calm Buddi Turtle. I have it on my keys and use it when I feel the anxiety overwhelming me, it forces my brain to focus on the turtle with it's different textures. I find it helpful and it's made from recycled plastics too!

calm buddi turtle

Defy Design also offer other services:


If you have a product in mind you can work with Defy Design to bring it to reality!


Great for schools you can book a tour of their factory or a portable micro recycling workshop.


You can arrange to volunteer at the factory to get an insiders look into this amazing process.


Click here to see House of Tierney's range of products all made from 100% reclaimed timber saved from landfill.

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