Period Undies are GREAT for the environment - Check out the Modibodi and Bonds brands!

Tuesday 7th March 2023

This week's sustainable brand shout out is about PERIOD UNDIES. Congrats to Modibodi and Bonds for making really comfortable ones.
If you're already on the period undies (or other sustainable period wear) train you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You are saving the planet a LOT of landfill.
For everyone else still using disposable products think about this:
How many period products do you use for one period? Maybe 3 tampons a day and a pad at night for perhaps 7 days if you're unlucky like me.
So that's 56 products per period.
672 products per year
On average women have their period for 40 years (are you kidding me?!)
So that is 26,880 products PER PERSON going to landfill.
There is a better way! Period undies are a game changer.
Personally I have used Modibodi and BONDS period undies and they are so bloody comfy. Let's face it, periods suck and are painful. Let's not make it any more uncomfortable than it has to be and get some period undies. You will be saving yourself money and doing your part to reduce landfill.
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