Compostable cling wrap? Sure! Check out COMPOSTABLE ALTERNATIVES

Wednesday 22nd March 2023
This week's sustainable brand shout out goes to the Australian based company Compostable Alternatives! 

I'm always trying to reduce our use of soft plastics but I could never find a solution for cling wrap. I've used the beeswax covers before but it's annoying that you can't see through them to see what they are covering.
BUT this company sell Home Compostable Cling Wrap! They are "Home Compostable" which, according to their website break down with no human intervention within 12-18 weeks anywhere there are microorganisms and oxygen, You can get 4 rolls of cling wrap for $22 which is incredible considering it's all compostable.
This amazing company also sell the following compostable products:
- Cups (coffee/tea cups and lids suitable for restaurants and cafes)
- Bin liners
- Gloves
- Produce bags
- Straws
- Customised stamps
Let's support this Australian company and help them to build their vision to "live in a world where home compostable is the norm for everything that cannot be reused, and single use plastic is a thing of the past"
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